Our Story


On a trip to Zambia and South Africa, Founder Karen Boyd and her then 10 year-old son Hudson had an experience that would change their lives. Upon seeing hundreds, even thousands of children on the streets Hudson was convinced that had to do something to help.


When they returned home, Hudson return to his everyday life of school and hours of basketball games and practices. After having a bad game one day, Hudson felt frustrated and dejected. Remembering their recent trip, Karen looked at Hudson and said, "Hudson you have a choice. You can play for yourself and have a selfish mindset, or you can play for a higher purpose. Think of those children in Zambia, how joyful they are and how happy they would be to have the chance to play basketball. Play for them!"


And there it was, Play With Purpose was born. Play With Purpose is a program that has a two-fold objective, by helping raise money for orphans and at-risk children locally and worldwide. It develops selfless attitudes within young athletes that call them to sacrifice and think past the moment at hand and use their gifts and devotion to make a difference.